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Antique Clocks and Antique Barometers

Witney Antiques has a diverse stock of antique clocks and household and marine barometers. We hope interested individuals and specialists in antiquarian horology will check our web site regularly for recently acquired English clocks and Continental clocks.

We endeavour to stock a selection of long-case clocks (grandfather clocks) with mahogany, oak, walnut, and marquetry cases. We have long case and bracket clocks with lacquered decoration also. And bracket clocks in rosewood, ebony, tortoiseshell, ormolu, brass and marble. We handle clocks from a diverse range of makers, including examples by important 17th century makers, Thomas Tompion, Daniel Quare, Joseph Knibb and Christopher Gould. Our selection of antique timepieces and barometers are chosen for their originality, quality and aesthetic appeal.

Call us on 01993 703902 or email us if you would like any information on clocks and barometers.

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