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Period English Embroidered Textiles

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English Beadwork Casket.

This attractive beadwork casket remains in an excellent state of preservation probably due to the original carrying box in which it was kept for over 300 years.

English. Mid 17th century.
Width 11ins. Depth 9 ins. Height 6.5 ins.

Embroidered Panel.

Much of the charm of this embroidery lies in the balance of the individual motifs and the disproportionate size between the varied flower heads and the lion and stag which stand either side of an urn of equal disproportions.

Late 17th Century.
Framed Size. 13 x 17 ins. 33 x 43 cms.

Rebekah Greeting Eliezer

Rebekah Greeting Eliezer

Eliezer was Abraham's servant and his meeting at the well with Rebekah was a popular needlework subject at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century, both in raised work and tent stitch. English. Circa 1700.

Framed size: 66 x 60 cm.

Flight into Egypt.
Cope Hood

Flight into Egypt

A beautifully worked interpretation of this subject, embroidered in fine wool. Long and short tent stitch detail in silk on the faces of Mary, Joseph and the Christ child.

Framed size: 44 x 32 cm.

Cope Hood

A fine cope hood with heavy metallic fringed border. The faces and hands of The Virgin and Christchild worked in split stitch, the robes in couched floss silk and gold thread on a gold thread diapered ground. Spanish or Italian. Circa 1580.

Framed size: 71 x 69 cm.


Silk Work. Frances Stewart.

A rare embroidered portrait believed to be that of Frances Stewart, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox, born 1647. Worked on a silk, satin weave with carefully shaded floss silks.

English. Mid 17th Century.Framed Size. 19 x 16 ins.

Hagar and lshmael.

Hagar and Ishmael have been cast into the wilderness but fortunately a helpful angel is pointing to a source of water. Brightly coloured silks and wool. English. Circa 1720.

Framed size: 56 x 59.5 cm. (22.5 x 24 ins.)

Linen Coif. Circa 1660.

This exceptional and rare example of a ladies coif is embroidered in polychrome silk and metallic thread on a linen ground. Worked in blue, red, pink, yellow, green and ivory silk and silver gilt; drawer string closure.

References: Matching forehead cloth in the victoria and Albert Museum. T.76 - 1911.

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