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Scenes from the Life of Abraham

An important large embroidery worked in tent stitch with wool and silk depicting scenes from the life of Abraham.
To the center Abraham kneels before three angels at a table with food annunciating the birth of Isaac.
Hagar and Ishmael is depicted with two angels appearing before them revealing a hidden well in the desert.
Finally, the sacrifice of Isaac is protrayed with the archangel Michael halting Abraham
as Isaac lays tied to the alter and the ram, caught in a thicket, is provided as an alternative sacrifice.

The design is derived from a work published by Gerard de Jode, in Antwerp in 1585.
'Thesaurus Sacrarum Historiarum Veteris Testementi.'

Related embroideries are illustrated in 'English and other Needlework in the Irwin Umtermyer Collection.' Plate 48.
'Masterpieces of Embroidery,' Pamela Clabburn Plate 8.

English Mid 17th Century. Provenance Richmond Collection. Framed size 132 x 81 cm.