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As a major source of antique samplers in the United Kingdom, Witney Antiques web site provides a selection of information and images on seventeenth century, eighteenth century and nineteenth century antique samplers, including band samplers and spot motif samplers. In our extensive stock can usually be found historic, genealogical and commemorative antique embroideries, Quaker samplers, map and darning samplers as well as and samplers from institutions, orphanage samplers, prison samplers, charity school and asylum samplers. A great diversity of design and materials are in evidence. Every item has been carefully conserved and is protected using anti UV glass.

We have the largest selection of 17th to early 19th century samplers in the United Kingdom available for sale.
However only a small selection of our stock is on the web site.
If you can't find what your looking for contact us and we may well have the item you require in our showrooms.

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Mary Ann Wright. 19th century

19th century sampler of Burghley House in Lincolnshire. Worked by Mary Ann Wright, aged 13 years, in 1821. This sampler is from a known group of samplers worked at Stickney School Lincolnshire.
Framed size 62 x 73 cm

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Hannah Newton, 1702

Although worked in the early years of the 18th century this sampler displays the shape and form of a seventeenth century band sampler. Worked in coloured silks on a linen ground in fine original condition.
Framed size 33 x 96 cm

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Mary Newton, 1818

Worked under the supervision of her teacher Betsy Graves in Wrangle, Lincolnshire. This charming sampler depicts an imposing red brick house at its centre above a representation of Adam and Eve .Surrounded by numerous spot motifs and border patterns, worked in a series of bands. Worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground.
Framed size 40 x 60 cm

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Janet Kerr, 19th century

Fine 19th century Scottish sampler worked in coloured silks on an open weave linen ground. Janet has included family names and initials, a practice typical of Scottish samplers of the period. The large church or chapel and adjacent one storey building make this a striking example of a Scottish schoolgirl sampler.
Framed size 54 x 54 cm

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Jane Kerr, 1838

This typical 19th century Scottish sampler depicts a single story cottage beneath bands of alphabets and numerals. Jane has included pairs of family initials. Worked in fine coloured wools on an open weave linen ground.
Framed size 55 x 41 cm

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Hannah Barker, 1734

The large oriental figures placed either side of a seated dog make this early 18th century sampler both very decorative and most unusual. Worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground it is rare to find a sampler of this period depicting such an unusual subject matter.

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18th century Continental Sampler

This brightly coloured but unfinished sampler demonstrates a remarkable degree of skill , incorporating not only a wide variety of stitch techniques but employing some of the most minutely worked stitches one will ever see in a sampler. Worked in Germany it dates to circa 1750. For a similar example see acquisition number 01.6271, Gardiner Brewer collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Worked in coloured silks on a fine plain weave linen.
Framed size 45 x 53 cm

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Ann Cooper. 1826

A very busy sampler in which Ann has used every available space for numerous images and a long verse. Worked in silks on a linen ground.
Contained in the original maple frame

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