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Period English Embroidered Textiles

Only a small selection of our stock is on the web site.
If you can't find what your looking for contact us and we may well have the item you require in our showrooms.

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Embrodered Panel. Mid 17th Century.

Small 17th century embroidered panel worked in coloured silk on a fine linen ground. English, circa 1680. Conservation mounted and framed behind UV Protective Museum glass.

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Ladies Stomacher. 18th Century

Fine and exquisitely worked 18th century ladies stomacher. Worked in richly coloured silks and metal thread. In fine original condition retaining good colour.
English circa 1725
Approx size 9 cm x 6 cm

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E (?) Deighton. 1747

A charming tent stitch mid 18th Century canvas work embroidery depicting Charity holding and surrounded by children Over head the sun shines through clouds.

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Return of Jeptha. Circa 1660

Finely worked tent stich embroidery depicting the biblical story of the triumphant return from battle by Jeptha greeted by his daughter. Worked with polychrome silks, metallic thread and crinkled silk.

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18th Century Pole Screens

From the early 18th century to the mid 19th century pole screens were an essential item of furnishing in the English house. The rooms, often cold and draughty were heated by blazing fires. To protect the complexion from such heat adjustable pole screens became popular and supported on a tripod base they became a vehicle for the cabinet maker to show his carving skills and the needle-woman her art.

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Unfinished Embroidery Panel. English. Circa 1720.

An outstanding large early 18th century panel in unfinished state. The colours remain as true today as they were nearly 300 years ago. The central octagonal panel depicts the finding of Moses and is surrounded by a wide ebullient floral border. The well developed under drawing is very clearly defined and of a high professional standard.
Framed Size. 30x26 ins.

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Return of Jephthah

Mid 17th century tent stitch picture depicting the Return of Jephthah. Worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground. Retaining good original condition. English, circa 1660.
Framed size: 53 x 43 cm

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Adam and Eve

Unusual canvas work panel with a central depiction of Adam and Eve with Eve reaching for the apple which she places in Adams hand .Worked in fine coloured wool and silk on a linen canvas ground this needlework, with its procession of randomly sized animals in the lower band, has a naïve folk art quality. Worked by Sarah Furse aged 15 years, on December 18th ( no year recorded) The young Sarah has included two verses in the lower band, both strongly connected with the biblical concept of creation. The first reads ‘The golden age you see in all its glory , the happy pair we’ve read in anciem (sic) story. The second reads ‘Our first parents created from above, they lived in unity and died in love’. The panel is now fully conservation mounted and framed behind UV protective Museum glass. English mid 18th century
Framed size 94 x 59 cm

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