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Period English Embroidered Textiles

Only a small selection of our stock is on the web site.
If you can't find what your looking for contact us and we may well have the item you require in our showrooms.

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Bead Work Basket. Mid 17th Century.

A rare bead work basket of small size depicting a noble couple she proffering flowers and her partner with a doffed hat. Baskets such as this example, like embroideries from the same period depicting similar images, were probably made to celebrate an engagement or betrothal. English. Circa 1660.

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Cope Hood

A fine cope hood with heavy metallic fringed border. The faces and hands of The Virgin and Christchild worked in split stitch, the robes in couched floss silk and gold thread on a gold thread diapered ground. Spanish or Italian. Circa 1580.

Framed size: 71 x 69 cm.

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Panel depicting King David and Bathsheba

Tent stitch embroidery depicting a scene from the Old Testament story. King David is shown on the castle wall spying on Bathsheba the beautiful wife of Uriah the Hittite, whilst the couple are seated together in the garden. Coloured silks on linen.
English. Late 17th century
Framed Size. 26 x 24 ins

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Reticella Panel

Probably Italian circa 1660

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The Angel Appearing to Mary 1720

Fine small naive early eighteenth century tent stitch needlework depicting the Angel appearing to Mary. This charming needlework retains superb condition and original colour. Worked in coloured silks on a fine linen canvas ground. English circa 1720.
Framed size 36 x 35 cm.

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Susanna and the Elders 1660

Impressive large raised work embroidery depicting Susanna and the Elders. Worked in coloured silks on a silk satin ground with applied slips. The frame of the central cartouche depicting the scene of Susanna is worked in metal purl. English circa 1660.
Framed size 78 x 67 cm

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Silk Work Panel. c 1660

17th century silk work panel depicting the Sacrifice of Isaac. English circa 1660. This panel retains very good original colour and condition. Conservation mounted and framed using UV protective museum glass.
Framed size 47 x 38 cm

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Embroidered Needlework Panel 17th Century

17th century embroidered needlework panel incorporating raised and tent stitch, English circa 1660. This panel depicts the story of Abraham and Hagar, a popular biblical subject for seventeenth century needlework. This panel retains good original colour and condition.
Framed size 46 x 42 cm

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