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As a major source of antique samplers in the United Kingdom, Witney Antiques web site provides a selection of information and images on seventeenth century, eighteenth century and nineteenth century antique samplers, including band samplers and spot motif samplers. In our extensive stock can usually be found historic, genealogical and commemorative antique embroideries, Quaker samplers, map and darning samplers as well as and samplers from institutions, orphanage samplers, prison samplers, charity school and asylum samplers. A great diversity of design and materials are in evidence. Every item has been carefully conserved and is protected using anti UV glass.

We have the largest selection of 17th to early 19th century samplers in the United Kingdom available for sale.
However only a small selection of our stock is on the web site.
If you can't find what your looking for contact us and we may well have the item you require in our showrooms.

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Band Sampler. 17th century

Fine 17th century band sampler worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground. This complex intricately worked example includes amongst its numerous bands a band of 'Boxer' figures. This example remains in outstanding original condition and retains much of its original colouring. English circa 1660. Provenance: Formerly in the loan collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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Mary Ann Bone 1821

Very well worked nineteenth century sampler by Mary Ann Bone worked in the year 1821 at the age of 13. Retaining lovely original condition and colour this sampler is worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground.
Framed size 38 x 29 cm

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Amy Shellard. 1836

Attractive 19th century 'House sampler' worked by Amy Shellard in 1836. Worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground. The central house surrounded by numerous small spot motifs worked using a number of different techniques. Fully conservation mounted and framed in period frame behind UV protective glass. Provenance: Formerly in the collection of Vivian Crellin, author of 'Tokens of Love' pub The Sampler Guild 2006.
Framed size 47 cm x 43 cm

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Martha Dyson 1847

Worked at the New School Ackworth this sampler is worked in fine coloured wool on an open weave linen ground. The school was established in 1833 by Rachel Howard in the village of Ackworth, Yorkshire, and was set up to educate the children of the village and surrounding areas. It is likely this sampler was worked under the instruction of a Miss Moore who was the second teacher to be appointed to the school. Full genealogical details available.
Framed size 35.5 cm x 29.5 cm

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Map: Margaret Mennsey. 19th century

Fine Quaker map sampler worked by Margaret Mennsey at York school 1809, this example survives in remarkably good condition and is fully conservation mounted in its original frame.

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Sarah Bradshaw 19th century

Exceptionally finely executed early 19th century sampler by Sarah Bradshaw, dated Aug 20th 1823, worked when Sarah was only 13 years old. Worked in coloured silks on a very fine gauze ground this sampler displays a very wide choice of different stitch techniques displaying Sarah's proficiency with a needle. Retaining fine original condition.
Framed size 59 cm x 59 cm.

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Christiana Charlsworth: 1754

Rare 18th century sampler worked at Mrs Watsons school Bingley, by Christiana Charlsworth in 1754. This sampler is one from a known group of four all worked under the same instruction. For a similar example see 'Millers Samplers - How to compare and value, Stephen and Carol Huber. Octopus Pub 2002, page 51'. This sampler retains exceptional colour. Full genealogical information available. Conservation mounted and framed in a period mahogany frame behind UV conservation glass.
Framed size 58 x 43 cm.

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Lucy Lott 1805

Fine darning sampler worked by Lucy Lott in 1805. Worked in coloured silks on a fine ground retaining good original colour and condition, this example is illustrated in 'The educated Stitch' pub Witney Antiques 2019 page 60.
Framed size 38 x 38 cm

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