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Hannah Hewitt 1811

This charming and folky sampler worked by Hannah Hewitt and dated 1811 is worked in coloured silks on a linen ground. The sampler incorporates numerous different stitch techniques and retains good original colour and condition. The sampler is fully conservation mounted and framed behind UV conservation glass.
Framed size 63 cm x 52 cm

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Hannah Franck, 18th Century

Charming late 18th century sampler worked by Hannah Franck daughter of John and Hannah Franck in the 14th year of her age. Hannah has worked the date in Roman Numerals MDCCXCVIII (1798) indicating both a pride and advertising the fact that she was educated. We have found that Hannah was from the North East coast of England near to Scarborough and Whitby, which perhaps accounts for the inclusion of the ship and sailors farewell. Worked in coloured silk on a fine linen ground this sampler retains good original condition.
Framed size 50 x 42 cm

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Mary Ann Giddings, 19th Century

Decorative 19th century House sampler worked by Mary Ann Giddings aged 9 years. This typical English House sampler is worked in a variety of different, very precise stitch techniques which present a very pleasing symmetrical composition. Retaining good original colour the sampler is worked in a variety of coloured silks on a fine weave ground.
Framed size 55 x 44 cm

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Scottish Sampler, c. 1780

Small Scottish lettering sampler worked in coloured silks on a fine wool ground. This charming sampler retains very good original colour. Scottish circa 1780.
Framed size 44 x 42 cm

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Martha Maria Walmsley 19th century

Finely executed 19th century sampler worked by Martha Maria Walmsley. Worked in bright coloured silks on a fine wool ground this sampler has at its centre a distinctive stepped lozenge containing a short verse 'By me O my Saviour stand' T each corner Martha has worked individual floral motifs. Retaining excellent original colour and condition.
Framed size 40 x 36 cm

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J Sellers 1819

Beautifully worked sampler by J Sellers under the tuition of Mistress J Reynolds dated 1819. This sampler incorporates a wide variety of different stitches and is meticulous in its working. Worked on a very fine linen gauze ground in coloured silks this sampler is in outstanding condition and retains good strong original colour.
Framed size 54 cm x 52 cm

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Mary Smetham c. 1847

Worked by Mary Smetham at the Royal Free Masons School, circa 1847. Founded in 1789 the school was founded for the education of the daughters of Freemasons who were unable to look after their girls at home either through death or destitution. Although described as a school it would by modern standards be regarded as an early orphanage. At the end of their school life the girls were either returned to family or apprenticed out and supported until they could establish themselves. A full genealogical history is available for Mary. Worked in coloured silks on a fine woollen ground.
Framed size 66 cm x 50 cm

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Ann Jeffrey 1826

Exceptionally finely worked embroidered silk map, worked by Ann Jeffrey in 1826. Worked on a silk Satin ground the map shows England and Wales divided into its counties. The county borders are worked in different coloured chenille thread. This map in common to some others of the period was printed onto the silk for the girls to embroider over. For more information on map samplers see 'Samplers Mapped and Charted' catalogue published by Witney Antiques. This example remains in exceptional original condition and with good original colour.
Framed size 65 cm x 74 cm

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