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Martha Storey, 1804

Finely worked 19th century darning sampler by Martha Storey at Brook Green House, dated 1804. This sampler is one of two known examples to be worked at this school, the second near identical sampler was worked by S E Ashley in 1799. Brook Green in London was known early on for its Brickyards and later for its market gardens. In the late Eighteenth century it had a large Catholic population and the school at which this sampler was worked was founded as a Catholic girls boarding school during this period, the mistress in charge, Mrs Eleanor Bayley. The school is listed in The Catholic Directory and Annual Register in 1838. In 1850 the Catholic Poor School Committee purchased the building. The sampler is worked in yellow and black silk on a fine linen ground and retains excellent original colour and condition. Conservation mounted and framed behind UV protective Museum Glass.
Framed size 33 x 32 cm

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M A Hunton Martin. 1829

Fine plain sewn Quaker extract sampler worked by M A Hunton at Ackworth school in the year 1829.
Mary Ann Hunton came from London and entered the school in the year she worked her sampler, 1829, she left in 1831. Her brother Thomas also attended the school leaving the following year 1832. Mary Ann worked an extract on 'Resignation' penned by the prominent early Methodist writer James Hervey who wrote a number of popular books during the first half of the eighteenth century. Worked in black silk on a fine wool ground.
Framed size 33 x 28 cm

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Mary Denham

Highly unusual and rare family register sampler worked by Mary Denham aged 10 years at Mrs Shaws school, St Aubyn Street. Mary's family lived in Stoke Dameral, Devon. Intricately worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground.

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Quaker Lettering Sampler 1806

Quaker lettering sampler worked by Rachel Withy at Downend in 1806. Worked in dark blue silk on a linen ground. Full genealogical information available.
Framed size 40cm x 40cm

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Lucy Walls, 1825

Finely executed sampler by Lucy Walls, 1825. The sampler is worked in coloured silks on a fine woollen ground and retains good original colour and excellent condition. Lucy has incorporated a wide variety of different stitch techniques in her sampler showing herself to be a very accomplished young needle worker. Although not shown in the image the sampler is fully conservation mounted and framed behind Optimum Museum Glass for the most comprehensive protection.

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Pocket sampler. Circa 1800

A diminutive orphanage pocket sampler worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground.This example retains very good original colour and remains in fine condition. Initialled L R this example dates from circa 1800.
Framed size 35.5 x 18 cm.

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17th century whitework sampler c.1660

17th century whitework sampler dating from circa 1660. This small example worked with its bleached linen ground combines drawn thread work with highly skilled reticella and holliepoint . The three wider reticella bands demonstrate the techniques used to decorate the collars and cuffs fashionable at the time. These designs are borrowed from pattern books of the period. Conservation mounted and framed.
Framed size 45 x 28 cm.

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Jane Ann Hancock

19th century sampler worked by Jane Ann Hancock, aged 10 years, and dated 1838 . Worked primarily in cross stitch this sampler retains very good original colour and condition.
Framed size 49 x 40 cm.

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