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Elizabeth Skilton 1762

18th Century sampler worked by Elizabeth Skilton, in her 15th year 1762. This sampler was worked at the charity school founded by Lady Elizabeth Howland in Streatham in the early eighteenth century. Interestingly the text on this sampler notes that Elizabeth Howland gave to the scholars educated at the school 'samplers' as well as books.
Framed size 48 x 27 cm.

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Sarah Hayes 1799.

Rare 18th century orphanage sampler worked by Sarah Hayes, Hooks Mill, Bristol, 1799. The girls were admitted to the Orphanage aged between six and twelve years of age with the first three girls admitted to the institution on the 12th of January 1795. Worked in black on a fine linen ground.
Framed size 24.5 x 21 cm.

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Ann Leaver. 1834.

An exceptional sampler finely embroidered in coloured silks. An extravagant and freely worked floral border surrounds the meticulously stitched text. Probably worked under Quaker influence.
Framed size: 54 x 63 cm

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Elizabeth Sloper 1817.

Quaker extract sampler ‘On Early Piety’ worked by Elizabeth Sloper in 1817. Worked in black thread on a fine wool ground this sampler displays the characteristic Quaker lettering associated with schools such as Milverton and Ackworth amongst others. Conservation mounted.

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Deborah Townsend. 1769. 'A HYMN from PSALM the 8th'

A finely worked sampler contained within a floral border and with a painstakingly worked long, religious text, embroidered with coloured silks on loosely woven wool tammy.
Such long texts illustrate the importance of female literacy evident in many mid 18th century samplers. Attitudes towards female education are reflected on samplers which were seen not only as a method of improving skill with a needle but of educating the young in the subjects of morality, religious instruction and literature.
Framed Size. 15 x 14 ins.

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Sarah Bradley. 1871 Aged 14

Although Sarah Bradley completed this attractive and well balanced sampler in 1871 it was clearly begun by an unrecorded hand in 1818.

Embroidered on a cotton ground, almost entirely in red thread with a small addition of blue, the sampler has strong connections in it's design motifs with samplers worked by girls at the Muller Orphan Houses, Bristol.
Framed Size: 19 x 24 ins.

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Susan J Burt, 1830

Fine Decorative 19th Century sampler worked by Susan J Burt in 1830. This sampler retains excellent original condition and good colour. Worked in coloured silk threads with painted silk faces on a fine linen ground. The central scene depicting a couple with child cutting and collecting wood is particularly charming. The large 'Red billed bird', floral spray and butterfly balances the composition and adds to the exceptionally decorative quality of this sampler. The sampler is conservation mounted and framed in a hand-veneered mahogany frame behind UV Protective Museum glass.
Framed size 55 x 44 cm

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Hannah Laverick 1838

Finely worked 19th century sampler worked in coloured silks on a fine linen ground. The central verse is surrounded by a delicately worked floral border beneath which is placed a basket with floral sprays. The verse 'Watch and Pray' was first published in London in 1827 as part of a book of poems 'Mont Blanc and other Poems' written by Mary Ann Browne whilst she was only fifteen years old. This sampler retains excellent original colour and condition.

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